The Bellman Visit Safe Bundle is a fire alerting solution that comes complete and ready to use. It is made up of a smoke detector, an alarm clock and a bed shaker. The system is easy to set up and operate and it is designed to wake you up immediately in the event of a fire and is a simple, smart and reliable solution for anyone who is deaf or has a hearing loss.

The alarm clock works as both a stand-alone alarm clock as well as a receiver for the smoke detector and features advanced functionality such as a bright flash made up of four LED lights and an extra loud alarm. There is also a bed shaker which is plugged into the alarm clock, which you can simply place under your pillow or mattress.

The Bellman Visit Safe bundle is ideally suited to anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing as the flashing lights, sounds and vibrations help to provide clear and distinct alerts in the event of a fire.

  • The system is expandable so it is really easy to add other Visit products should you want to be alerted to other things happening within your home
  • Alarm clock features an extra loud alarm (which gradually increases up to 100dB) with ascending multi-tone signal (great for high frequency hearing loss)
  • Alarm clock features high intensity flash - features four bright flashing LED lights, great for those early morning wake up calls
  • Powerful vibrating bed shaker with built-in sounder and non-slip pad - simply place under your pillow or mattress
  • Unique battery backup - keeps all features functional, including vibrating pad
  • Easy to set up - the Bellman Visit Safe Pack includes everything you need to get started
  • 868 MHz

You can choose to wake up to the extra loud audible alarm, the high intensity flashing lights or the bed shaker that vibrates and emits a sound directly under your pillow.

The volume and tone is not adjustable on the alarm clock but the alarm starts quietly and automatically gets louder, while the tone runs through a set of varying frequencies so that even if you have trouble hearing high frequencies, you will not miss it!

Inside the box:
BE1580 Visit Alarm Clock, BE1272 Bed Shaker with sound, BE1481 Visit Smoke Detector, UK Power Adaptor, User Guide.

Alarm clock & Bed Shaker features:
Visit indicators:

  • Orange LED, pacifier/dummy symbol: The baby monitor is activated
  • Green LED, door symbol: The door transmitter is activated
  • Yellow LED, telephone symbol: The telephone transmitter is activated
  • Red LED, fire symbol: The smoke alarm is activated

Night light beacon:

  • Built in night light beacon that guides you back to bed with a mild blue light
  • Type: Electro Luminescent (EL) light
  • Turn on / switch off with the snooze button
  • Timeout: 1h on mains power, 15 min on battery


  • External trigger input 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Telephone modular RJ-11 jack
    Analogue network: 26-120 V RMS, 15-100 Hz


  • Separate push-rotate dials for easy setting of the time and alarm
  • Dedicated button that switches between 12-hour and 24-hour time format
  • Dedicated button that adjusts the backlight intensity in five steps
  • Dedicated button that turns on / switches off the alarm sound
  • Battery supervision that monitors and displays the backup battery status
  • The backup battery powers the sound, bed shaker, flash light and beacon. (4 rechargeable AAA size NiMH batteries included)


  • Type: Twisted Nematic (TN) LCD
  • Adjustable backlight intensity in 5 steps
  • The backlight is activated by the snooze button
  • Backlight colour: white
  • Display timeout: 8 seconds

Alarm and Snooze:

  • Alarm timeout: 20 minutes
  • Decreasing snooze time interval from 9 to 2 minutes in two minutes steps

Radio communication:

  • Frequency: 868.3 MHz
  • Operating range: 656ft, 200m
  • Clear line of sight, coverage is reduced if walls and large objects block the signal

Output signals:

  • Sound: 100dBA @ 4”, 10 cm, 94dBA @ 12”, 30cm - Built-in multiple frequency signal with a main frequency of 950 Hz - 3000 Hz
  • Bed shaker: Vibrator power: 2.0 - 4.0 V DC
    Emits a sound
  • Flash: 4 High intensity pulsating LED lights - *WARNING* Flashes can cause epileptic seizures

Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm BE1481 features:

  • Sensor type - optical smoke detection and thermal detection
  • BE1481 complies with the following smoke alarm standard: EN14604: 2005 + AC:2008
  • Audible alarm > 85dB (A) at 3m
  • Activation:
    - Via test and silence button
    - Via the smoke detector
    - Via the temperature sensor, if the temperature exceeds approx 57 degrees celcius

Frequency and coverage:

  • Radio frequency: 868.3 MHz
  • Coverage: up to 200m clean line of sight, depending on the radio frequency and building’s characteristics

Power and battery:

  • Supply - 2 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Power consumption: Active:< 75mA, idle position: <15 mA
  • Operating time: Lithium Battery - 5 years

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Bellman Visit Fire Safety Bundle with Visit Alarm Clock, Smoke Detector and Bed Shaker

  • Brand: Bellman
  • Product Code: PLU151
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €440.48

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