Many deaf youth erroneously believed that success cannot be attained because of the physical state. Consequently they settle for something less. Living unproductive lives and otherwise choose begging as a career. In this book Olaniyi Temitope explains that:

  • Deafness does not mean one is physically and mentally unfit.
  • Deafness does not mean one is disabled or handicapped.
  • Deafness is not a problem in life: consequently it does not need a miraculous healing.
  • Deafness does not make begging a career for you.
  • Deafness did not stop other people from making it, you can too.
  • Deafness demands that you study hard and do your best.
  • Deafness has singled you out for success.

It is hope that this book will inspire you to settle nothing less than the pursuit of excellence.

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Success Tips for Deaf Youths and Inspirational Quotes

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