An extra loud alarm clock with vibrating bed shaker that is ideal for anyone who struggles to wake up with a standard alarm clock. The compact design is modern and stylish so it will fit nicely on any bedside table without being too intrusive.
You don't have to worry about the alarm clock being too bright at night since the dimmer switch allows you to choose from low, medium and high options. You can fully customise the alarm settings so you can have the vibration function, flash function and alarm functions set to your own personal preference. 
The inbuilt white LED lights serves as an extra bright flash when the alarm goes off or you can use the lamp function, which is handy to have in case you don't want you bedside table to be too cluttered. You can also choose from 3 levels of volume and tone control as well as 2 levels of vibration with the supplied shaker, which can be easily placed under your pillow. You can also use the USB port on the alarm clock to charge smartphones and other electronics.

One evaluation panel found this clock to be modern, stylish and effective. It has the same features as the Wake'n'Shake Dynamite from Geemarc but with a different look. The vibration strength is very good and the alarm sound is nice and loud. The display and flashing LEDs are bright and will certainly catch your attention but are not likely to wake you up - don't worry though, there is a dimmer switch. It is easy to set up and use and the USB charging facility is handy. We particularly like that you have both up and down buttons for setting the time - it's so easy to miss the time you're after and have to go round again!


  • USB port to recharge mobiles and other electronic devices
  • Extra loud (95dB) programmable alarm
  • Alarm options: Off, Vibrator only, Ringer only (don't connect vibrator), Ringer and Vibrator, Vibrator and Flash or Ringer, Vibrator and Flash
  • Duration of alarm: up to 1 hour
  • From 5 to 60 mins snooze
  • 12/24 hours time format available
  • Adjustable tone control to suit your hearing (low, mid and high)
  • Supplied with vibrating pillow shaker (selectable high or low vibration strength)
  • Large white display with adjustable dimmer switch (low, medium or high)

Technical information:

  • Supplied with UK power supply
  • Backup Battery (CR2032) in case of power failure (this is not included, please purchase separately)
  • Supplied with shaker to put under pillow, cable length 2m.

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Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Star Alarm Clock

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